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CT-SG-8P Compatible New Black Solvent Ink Cartridges: CPS 800-LD


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  • Keep bagged to maximize shelf life
  • Wipe nozzles to restore performance
  • Clip cartridge for storing

100% compatible with your Code Tech printer – Guaranteed.


New Code Tech Compatible Solvent Ink Cartridges
CPS 800-LD Cartridges are Replacements for CT-SG-8P Black Ink Cartridges

100% Compatible with your Code Tech CT-SG-8P Guaranteed!

CPS-800-LD  Solvent Black Ink Cartridges

Code Tech Logo High Solvent ink for non- porous surfaces including laminates HDPE, and plastics
Fully Compatible with Code Tech Printers

Standard Black – always in stock and normally ships same day  $100.00 each

CPS -800-LD



We stand behind our products, engineered for print quality and reliability.

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Rotech Printers on Non-porous substrates, plastics, and paperboard

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