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More Savings on Digital Design Ink Cartridges

    Digital Design Printer

    More Quality, More Savings on Digital Design printer Inks Digital Design Printer

    Companies who perform packaging operations chose the Digital Design printers Evolution inkjet printers (Evolution1, Evolution1, Evolution3) because of its low purchase cost.  The Evolution case coders are capable of printing alpha numeric text, graphics and barcodes on corrugate and other packaging surfaces.  Shortly after running the systems, however, many customers become frustrated by how much money they spend on consumable ink cartridges and supplies.   Despite the attempt to lock-out the customer from buying cartridges elsewhere, there are other options.

    Alternative Evolution Ink Source:

    Evolution4500Ink exists to help customers increase their efficiency and affordability when using Digital Design printers /inkjet coders.  We carry both water-based general purpose inks (DD4500bk) intended for virtually any porous substrate, including kraft paper, as well as solvent inks (DD4711bk)  for printing on plastic, glass, matel and more. New and Remanufactured  print cartridges are fully compatible, just snap into your existing Digital Design evolution printer and start printing.  In many cases the print quality from our print cartridges is superior to what you receive from Digital Design.

    New and Remanufactured Cartridges

    We offer both NEW and remanufactured Digital Design cartridges.  Our process of  testing remanufactured cartridges for print quality and reliability helps us guarantee that you will be satisfied with your results.  Available colors include black, red, blue and green ink.  Expect to save approximately $20 per cartridge when opting for one of our remanufactured products, and that comes with a money-back guarantee.

    Spot Colors are available too!

    • Evolution 4500BK Red Printhead  NEW or REMAN
    • Evolution 4500BK Blue Printhead  NEW or REMAN
    • Evolution 4500BK Green Printhead  NEW or REMAN

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    Evolution4500Ink is not affiliated with Digital Design in any way, nor does Digital Design endorse any product of Evolution4500Ink.  You simply receive more quality and more savings when buying from us.  Guaranteed!