Evolution Printer Troubleshooting

Evolution 4500 Ink wants to be your case coding printing solutions provider for Digital Design Evolution Printers. Tips and Troubleshooting for your Evolution InkJet Printer. Contact us for a FREE trial printhead. We service and support Evolution I, Evolution II, and Evolution III printers. Keep your line up and costs low, choose CASE

ANSI Barcode Standards – ANSI/ISO Quality Parameters

ANSI Barcode Standards require the following evaluation: 1 . Edge Determination – is the image of the barcode as it is perceived by a moving aperture, such as a laser beam or a barcode wand. The scan reflectance profile is a measurement of spots and voids (called “defects”) as well as contrast and other parameters. […]

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Digital Design Printer

More Savings on Digital Design Ink Cartridges

More Quality, More Savings on Digital Design printer Inks Companies who perform packaging operations chose the Digital Design printers Evolution inkjet printers (Evolution1, Evolution1, Evolution3) because of its low purchase cost.  The Evolution case coders are capable of printing alpha numeric text, graphics and barcodes on corrugate and other packaging surfaces.  Shortly after running the […]

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Evolution Ink Cartridge Cleaning

Solve poor print quality by cleaning cartridge printhead Evolution 4500 Ink Thermal Inkjet print cartridges require little to no routine maintenance. Users can quickly problem-solve poor print quality by cleaning the printhead. The proper use and handling of these cartridges helps ensure optimum print quality and longer print cartridge life. In a case or carton […]

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Evolution Inkjet Cartridge HP 4500

Printhead Cleaning

Improper Cleaning of your Evolution Printer Printhead results in clogged nozzles, and streaky text Cleaning the Inkjet print cartridges Although Evolution4500Ink print cartridges require no routine maintenance, proper use and handling of them will help ensure optimum print quality and print cartridge life. Store new print cartridges in their original clips when not in use. […]

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How to Achieve ANSI Grade Barcode Print Quality

Barcode Print Quality should Meet ANSI Standards Fix the 4 key areas to improve your Barcode Print Quality 1. Conveyor Frame The frame should have a flat steel table top under the belt. – no rollers 2. Guide Rail System The guide rails must guide the case smoothly to within 1/10″ of the printhead and […]

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Causes of Poor Carton Print Quality

Achieving top quality printing on corregated surfaces is a challenge.  Using your Evolution 4500 correctly can help significantly. Keeping the spacing between your printhead and your carton are critical.  Top causes of poor print quality include  having your printhead skeywed, box skewed, and too large a distance from the printhead.    

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